My practice specializes in provide speech-language evaluation and therapy for children pre-kindergarten (4 years) through elementary school. With older students, I work with articulation and word finding.

I am dedicated to providing expert and individualized services so that each child can meet their individual communication needs. I very much enjoy each child as an individual and enjoy working with them no matter what their communications difficulties may be.


  1. Apraxia of speech

  2. Articulation (including the “R” sound)

  3. Developmental delays

  4. Highly unintelligible children

  5. Phonology

  6. Receptive and expressive language

  7. Social communication (pragmatics)

  8. Word finding

For a description of these terms, please see the Resources and Disorder sections of this website.

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Christine Bebee Keener, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

I am passionate about finding a solution that works for your child. I also listen to your child and help him or her be part of the team in working on improving their communication skills. All work with your child is positive so your child can feel good about the progress he or she makes. I strive to make parents part of the therapy whenever possible.